Airfree E125

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Domestic Air Purifiers Airfree E125

Air purifier recommended for rooms up to 50 m².

Airfree ® is the natural solution to asthma, respiratory allergies and mould. Eliminates dust mites, bacteria, fungi, virus, pollen, allergens of domestic animals and other microorganisms from the air


Available in over 50 countries, and rated among the best air purifiers in the United States, Airfree products reduce microbiological contamination in the air naturally, without using chemicals or filters. Recommended by doctors and with no contraindications, they can be used anywhere.



See Airfree’s effectiveness at work

This laboratory-conducted test shows how Airfree acts to prevent mould.


Technical Specifications

Capacity:  51m2 (550 sq ft)
Electric consumption: 50 W
Voltage: 220-240V
Dimension: 21.5cm(Diameter) x 26.5cm(H)
Noise Level: Completely Silent
Weight: 1.27 kg
Thermistor safety sensors, thermal fuse, tilt sensor, varistor, current limiting fuse




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